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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Richard Dawkins celebrates victory over creationists.

Bring out the party hats and free booze, we have a reason to celebrate!

Richard Dawkins and other leading British scientists are claiming a victory after the British government decides to enforce a law preventing anti-evolutionary groups from teaching creationism in science classrooms.

Schools that fail to do this will lose their government funding if they claim that creationism includes "evidence-based views or theories".

The British Humanist Association has been leading a campaign against creationism, and calls this 'highly significant'. Richard Dawkins said "I welcome all moves to ensure that creationism is not taught as fact in schools. Government rules on this are extremely welcome, but they need to be properly enforced."

The schools targeted by this new rule are the faith schools. These are state funded, but run by private organisations so don't need to follow the national curriculum. Some creationists have exploited this freedom to pollute the minds of children with Bronze age nonsense, but thankfully not anymore.

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