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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Explain this to me Atheist - Response.

I know, I'm sorry. I couldn't resist doing another one of these posts where I respond to questions for atheists. They are just so fun to watch and write that I will probably do quite a few more of them when I'm bored.
I hope you enjoy these sorts of posts. If not then drop me an email and I will stop doing them.

Today's question comes from a Youtube user 'cjae2631'.

Now as you have probably noticed, this question is in no way related to Atheism. To qualify as an Atheist you just need to not believe that a god exists. There is no implication about the universe (other than it didn't come from a god) and is not related to Darwinism (despite the amount of religious people who call me a 'Darwinist').

So where did the universe come from?

Cosmologists have traced the origin of the universes current state back 14.5 billion years ago to an event called the Big Bang. The name 'Big Bang' was actually formulated to make fun of the theory by people who thought it was false. But the name has stuck and the Big Bang theory has been generally accepted as fact since 1965.

Beginning with a gravitational singularity (a single point packed with matter and energy where the laws of physics begin to break down) it expanded like a balloon at an astonishing rate, and eventually into the universe we see today. I will summarise the story really quick. The universe was full of matter which was clumped together by gravity. These formed stars which lived and died, creating the heavier elements. Those heavier elements formed accretion disks which became the planets and stars we see today.
I apologise to any scientists out there if I didn't do the story justice, but I only have so much patience with people who ask questions but don't do their own research.

But let us contemplate for a minute.

What if us atheists had no idea how the universe began? We knew how the earth came about, but not the universe.
Would this make the idea of a creator god any more likely? Of course not! That is an argument from ignorance. "I don't see how the universe could have began on its own, therefore a god was needed".

No......just no.

But why?

He asks this with a look in his eyes of a man who once picked up a science book, started reading it, got bored and summed up the rest of the book with "God did it".

There is no why! Questions beginning with 'why' have no place in this area of science. For there to be a why there would need to be something to which the 'why' was applicable, in this case a anthropomorphic driver of creation. But there isn't, so there is no need to ask 'why'.

If pressed for an answer I would reply with, "Because the laws of physics allowed it to happen."

I love the next bit of the video.

Either matter has always existed, which is impossible.
Or a being has always existed, which is impossible.
Or matter created itself from nothing, which is impossible.
Or a higher power created matter from nothing, which is also impossible.

I don't know who died and made him King of the Scientists, but he must know a lot if he can discredit all of these options in the blink of an eye.

These are questions for scientists to work out in a combined effort. Not for a Youtube user to dump on because he considers them impossible with little to no thought put into considering them.

And finally he makes another fatal error.

Atheists are not angry with god. Just because someone won't throw away their rationality to believe in something doesn't mean that they hate or dislike it.
Does he hate Unicorns? Loch Ness Monster? Allah? Krishna? etc etc

Anyway, fun video....don't quit your day job.

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